Business and the Greater Good by Knut Johannessen Ims, Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen Book

Book Review: Business and the Greater Good by Knut Johannessen Ims, Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen

Title: Business and the Greater Good: A Thought-Provoking Journey

Book Review:

Discovering a book that challenges your perspective while simultaneously leaving a lasting impact on your thoughts and emotions is a rare gem. “Business and the Greater Good” by Knut Johannessen Ims and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen is one such treasure that intertwines insight, critical analysis, and a genuine exploration of the relationship between business and society.

From its very first pages, this book effortlessly captivates its readers with an engaging narrative that seamlessly blends theory with real-world examples. The authors’ ability to discuss complex ideas in an accessible manner makes this volume suitable for both academic scholars and those interested in exploring the intersection of business and societal well-being.

One aspect that truly resonated with me was the authors’ skillful navigation through ethical dilemmas faced by businesses today. With an unflinching gaze, they address issues such as corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, and ethical leadership. Their thought-provoking insights compel readers to question conventional practices while encouraging them to reflect on their own roles within organizations.

What sets “Business and the Greater Good” apart from other similar works is its unwavering commitment to presenting multiple perspectives. The authors manage to strike a balance between praising business achievements and highlighting areas where improvement is needed. This balanced approach ensures that readers develop a holistic understanding of commerce in relation to societal well-being, fostering a sense of responsibility in both corporate leaders and individuals alike.

The meticulous research conducted by Ims and Pedersen adds credibility to their arguments, making this book an invaluable resource for anyone delving into the field of business ethics. They seamlessly blend data-driven analysis with vivid storytelling, which keeps readers engaged throughout their exploration of topics such as stakeholder theory, corporate citizenship, and social entrepreneurship.

While “Business and the Greater Good” offers exceptional depth on various subjects related to business ethics, at times it can feel overwhelming due to the extensive amount of information presented. This might pose a challenge for readers who prefer a more concise approach or are new to the topic. However, perseverance through these sections proves rewarding, as valuable insights and unique perspectives await those willing to dive deeper.

In conclusion, “Business and the Greater Good” is an outstanding publication that challenges preconceived notions and pushes readers to contemplate the role of business in society. Through its thought-provoking narrative, meticulous research, and balanced perspectives, Ims and Pedersen succeed in shedding light on the intricate relationship between businesses and the greater good. This book has not only broadened my understanding of corporate ethics but also left a lasting impact on how I perceive business practices in today’s world.

Score: 4/5

ISBN: 9781784711764
Page Count: 287
Publisher: Edward Elgar
Published: 2015

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Business and the Greater Good

Bringing together business and the greater good is not a piece of cake. In Knut J. Ims’ and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen’s book, internationally known scholars from both sides of the Atlantic develop deep reflections on the relationship between business and society. The authors show conflicts between business and the greater good and also demonstrate how business can be transformed, in order to align the goals of business and society. This is not only a book about the future of business ethics, it is a book about the future of business in general.’- Thomas Beschorner, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland’Business and the Greater Good does what it promises: rethinking business ethics in a competent, inspired and committed way. Its in depth analysis of the current failures of business and business ethics, while at the same time opening unexpected windows for the future, is its hallmark…Reading this book has convinced me that business ethics is entering a new phase of pioneering research and practice.’- Luk Bouckaert, KU Leuven University, BelgiumWith cutting-edge insights from leading European and North American scholars, this authoritative book addresses the fundamental problems of business in an age of crisis whilst presenting radical, but practical, solutions.The contributors explore three main value shifts: from inequality to equality, from the technical-materialistic to the ecological-spiritual, and from compliance and enforcement to autonomy and responsibility. A number of striking issues are addressed including the doctrine of self-interest, the purpose of business, codes of conduct, personal responsibility, existential perspectives on business ethics and the development of ethical competence.This book will be an essential point of reference for academic researchers and postgraduate students in business ethics and corporate social responsibility, as well as practitioners interested in the relevance of business ethics to leadership, management, strategy and finance.Contributors G.G. Brenkert, J. Brinkmann, W. Cragg, G. Enderle, K.J. Ims, K. Jackson, O. Jakobsen, J.M. Lozano, E. O’Higgins, L.J.T. Pedersen, P. Pruzan, D.H. Schepers, S.P. Sethi, A. Tencati, L. Zsolnai

publishedDate : 2015

authors : Knut Johannessen Ims, Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen

publishers : Edward Elgar

pageCount : 287

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