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Book Review: Business Ethics 3.0 by Erhard Meyer-Galow

As someone who has read several books on business ethics, I must say that Business Ethics 3.0 by Erhard Meyer-Galow is a truly outstanding work. The book is not only informative but also incredibly insightful, offering a unique perspective on the subject of business ethics.

One of the things that really stood out to me about this book was the way that it approached the topic of business ethics from a holistic viewpoint. Meyer-Galow doesn’t just focus on individual companies or industries; instead, he takes a much broader perspective, examining the role that business ethics play in society as a whole.

In addition to this broad perspective, I also appreciated the author’s attention to detail. He covers a wide range of topics, from corporate social responsibility and sustainability to ethical leadership and decision-making. And he does so with an impressive level of depth, delving into complex ethical issues with clarity and nuance.

Overall, I found Business Ethics 3.0 to be an incredibly thought-provoking and impactful read. If you’re interested in business ethics or just want to gain a deeper understanding of how ethical issues affect every aspect of our society, then I highly recommend giving this book a read.

Business Ethics 3.0

The reputation of business managers is declining due to their disregard for moral decisions and ethical practices. Business students are currently taught only technical knowledge without concern for being compassionately and holistic engaged. However, when entering the business sector these graduates encounter a world which necessitates difficult, personally challenging decisions, ones for which technical knowledge is insufficient. Successful, sustainable resolutions can only be expected to result from a holistic, sustainable approach which accommodates the difficulty in balancing ethical practices with the demands for ever-increasing profits. This unique graduate textbook addresses the issue of business ethics from the perspective of an individual’s internal growth facilitated by a consideration of the principles of depth psychology, spiritual wisdom, meditation, and quantum physics, written by a CEO with an enormous business background. It not only promotes a new ethical approach, but also addresses the implementation of this new approach in the most important business sectors as a replacement for previous ineffective codes of conduct which have failed. It’s a must read for business students with aspirations of becoming managers or entrepreneurs in the economic sector as well as for all young professionals, managers and entrepreneurs to improve their ethical performance and sustainable success. Message from the author This book creates an impetus for change in a business world where unethical practices are rampant by providing a suggested a New Integral Ethics for the economy, an ethical approach based upon inner psychological and spiritual development arising from a serious consideration of Depth Psychology. Readers will learn how adoption of specific Practices, which lead to inner growth and spiritual maturity, will result in ethical, morally sound business practices not because they are mandated, but because once the SELF is actualized, you cannot do otherwise. Laws, appeals and directives which have never successfully resulted in ethical practices become unnecessary, replaced by intrinsically ethical individuals who collectively influence corporate ethical behaviour. This is a giant leap into a new dimension in our globalized, digitized economy. Finalist at the 2018 Humanistic Management Book Awards Finally – A New Spiritual Advocate for the coming Millennia Professor Meyer-Galow presents a qualitatively wiser and considerably expanded framework of current business ethics by connecting dimensions of Depth Psychology, Metaphysics and Quantum Physics with the wisdom inherent in many religious and philosophical teachings.He challenges corporate leaders to not only conscientiously seek out universal knowledge, but also to engage in their own personal inner journey in order that their service and dedication to corporate responsibilities are authentic and trustworthy. He predicts that long-term sustainability of enterprises will occur when reason coupled with the application of spiritual knowledge, which includes the individual exploration of our ‘dark’ or shadow side which is influenced by our ego, has taken place and been integrated so we are able to truly serve both the immediate and more advanced goals of the business, along with those of its employees and customers. Dr. Meyer-Galow’s work is unique, well researched, meaningfully presented, inspiring and refreshing. It provides us with practical, achievable guidelines which when undertaken will position us for undertaking sustainable personal and professional transformation. Kudos from all my heart!Anneli Driessen, PhD, PhD, MCC, Intl. Metaphysical Academy, Victoria, BC, Canada Business Ethics 3.0, by Erhard Meyer-Galow provides a much needed beacon of light to a segment of our society that seem to be sinking deeper and deeper into darkness. The term “business ethics”, once an important topic within the business community, has slowly descended through the fog of profitable ends justifying unprincipled means to become nothing more than a self-contradictory oxymoron — especially among large international corporations. In Business Ethics 3.0, Erhard Meyer-Galow has taken a fresh approach that appeals to individual personal growth rather than the usual proffering of academic arguments that are not implementable in the real world of relentless Machiavellian competition. Only through raising and improving individual awareness and responsibility can real long-term change have a chance of developing. Business Ethics 3.0 is on the right track with a positive and compelling message…may it succeed where the academics have failed.Thomas Campbell, physicist, consciousness researcher, author of My big TOE

publishedDate : 2018-05-22

authors : Erhard Meyer-Galow

publishers : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

pageCount : 245

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