Business Ethics by Deon Rossouw, Leon van Vuuren Book

Book Review: Business Ethics by Deon Rossouw, Leon van Vuuren

As I delved into the pages of Business Ethics by Deon Rossouw and Leon van Vuuren, I was struck by the depth and breadth of the topics covered. The authors provide a comprehensive overview of the field of business ethics, from ethical frameworks to corporate social responsibility to whistleblowing and more.

One aspect that really resonated with me was the emphasis on how businesses can create value for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. The authors argue that businesses have a responsibility to consider the impact of their actions on employees, customers, suppliers, and the community at large. This is a refreshing perspective in a world where profit often takes precedence over all else.

Furthermore, I found it interesting how the book engages with real-life examples to illustrate ethical dilemmas faced by businesses. The authors don’t shy away from difficult topics such as bribery, corruption, and discrimination – but rather provide thought-provoking insights into how companies can navigate these issues while remaining ethically responsible.

One criticism I do have is that some sections may be too dense for readers who are new to the field. However, this is offset by clear writing style employed throughout most of the book.

Overall, Business Ethics provides a valuable contribution to the study and practice of ethical decision-making in business. It challenges readers to think beyond short-term profits and consider how their actions can create long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders involved. If you’re interested in exploring these important issues further – this book is definitely worth reading!

Business Ethics

“Why do ethics make business sense? What is the social responsibility of business? What is the role of ethics within corporate governance? How should organisations manage ethics from within? Business Ethics fifth edition is suitable for BCom students following courses in ethics, and can also be used for graduate or postgraduate modules in business management and human resource management. Given the growing emphasis on corporate governance, the book is also of relevance to business ethics practitioners as it addresses key ethical issues affecting corporations in the twenty-first century. Business Ethics tracks global developments in areas such as corporate ethical culture and highlights the relevance thereof within the southern African context. Features: Reference to how the Companies Act of 2008 affects ethics governance and the impact of the Social and Ethics Committee introduced by the Act Reference to ethics reporting in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) sustainability reporting guidelines published in 2013 Updated chapters on macro-ethics and corporate responsibility A new chapter on leadership commitment and governance structures that address the role of leadership and ethics management programmes in building ethical culture in organisations Updated chapters on ethics and corporate governance, determining ethics risk and formulating an ethics strategy, institutionalising ethics, reporting ethics performance, and organisational ethical culture 13 new case studies to facilitate the application of knowledge and skills to specific business scenarios.”–Publisher description.

publishedDate : 2018-06-14

authors : Deon Rossouw, Leon van Vuuren

publishers : Oxford University Press

pageCount : 384

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