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An invaluable handbook written by an experienced lawyer for confronting and avoiding the spiritual, emotional, and financial devastation resulting from churches not anticipating the presence of sexual predators in the church. Many flourishing churches have been destroyed by child molestation and the resulting litigation. Unfortunately, sexual predators within the walls of the church are not uncommon. They sit in our pews. They come to our picnics. They even preach from our pulpits and teach in our classes. How can a church protect itself and its children from a very real threat and avoid financial catastrophe brought on by a groundswell of lawsuits? This practical and pertinent book by attorney Voyle Glover cuts to the chase, providing concise, succinct guidelines for protection against sexual predators. Glover’s expertise on a wide variety of issues will minimize a church’s risk by reducing the opportunities for predators, decreasing liability, and managing the excessive legal exposure. Topics include: – Insurance issues that need to be addressed and understood now. – Is forgiveness an issue when dealing with a repentant child molester? – Why it is essential to distinguish between restoration, love, and obligations. – What to do when there is an accusation raised against a church member. – What about sexual assaults by leadership? – Guidelines for pastors and other leaders in counseling situations. Includes forms designed to help protect the church.

Protecting Your Church Against Sexual Predators by Voyle A. Glover

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authors : Voyle A. Glover
publishers : Kregel Academic
genre : Religion, Christian Church, Administration, Christian Ministry, Pastoral Resources
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ISBN : 0825497388
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