Ethical Business Practices: Insights from Ghildiyal, Bijalwan, and Joshi

Book Review: Business Ethics and Corporate Governance by Jyotsna Ghildiyal Bijalwan, Ramesh Chandra Joshi

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance – A Comprehensive Guide for Business Leaders

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through the complex world of business ethics and corporate governance, look no further than this book by Jyotsna Ghildiyal Bijalwan and Ramesh Chandra Joshi. As a business owner or leader, it can be difficult to balance the need to make profits with moral and ethical values. This book will provide you with the tools necessary to ensure that your company operates within legal boundaries while upholding ethical standards.

The authors do an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language. They also use real-world examples throughout the book to illustrate how these concepts apply in practice. The book covers a wide range of topics, including corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management, ethical decision-making, and effective corporate governance.

One aspect of the book that really resonated with me was their discussion on ethical leadership. The authors emphasize that leaders need to set an example for their employees by embodying ethical principles in their actions and decisions. They also stress the importance of creating a culture within the organization that prioritizes ethics and encourages employees at all levels to act accordingly.

While I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, there were a few areas where I felt it could have been improved. For instance, some of the case studies were not as engaging as others and felt like they were included just for the sake of having more examples.

Overall, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance is an excellent resource for anyone looking to understand how businesses can operate ethically while still remaining profitable. It would be particularly useful for business leaders who are serious about building an organization that prioritizes values such as integrity and accountability. With its practical insights and easy-to-follow format, this book is sure to become a go-to reference guide for years to come.

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

This book primarily focuses on providing deep insight into the concepts of corporate governance, business Ethics, and corporate social responsibility, both in Indian and global perspectives. It also covers the dormant and contentious issues of the subjects   in the most scientific and objective manner. Various real-life case studies addressing contemporary corporate issues are also included in this book to provide practical know-how of the subject to the management students.Salient features:✔Follows an outcome-based learning approach.✔Highlights the legal and regulatory framework for business Ethics, corporate governance and CSR covering the latest developments and amendments.✔Discusses the legal protection available for investors, consumers and employees.✔Detailed discussion on topics such as consumer Protection Act 1986, Factories Act 1948, SEBI Act 1992, The Companies Act 2013 etc.✔Facilitates students with comprehensive and empirical work on live case studies and role plays

publishedDate : 2020-04-06

authors : Jyotsna Ghildiyal Bijalwan, Ramesh Chandra Joshi

publishers : McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited

pageCount : 384

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