Navigating Ethical Dilemmas: A Guide Through Business Ethics Now

Book Review: Business Ethics Now by Andrew Ghillyer

As someone who is conscious about the importance of ethics in the business world, I was eager to crack open Andrew Ghillyer’s book, Business Ethics Now. The book is a well-written and engaging guide through the complex world of ethics in business.

From the outset, Ghillyer makes it clear that the book goes beyond just presenting a theoretical framework for understanding ethics. Instead, he walks readers through various real-world scenarios that highlight ethical dilemmas that can arise in business settings and offers practical solutions to these predicaments.

One of the things I really appreciate about Business Ethics Now is its relevance to today’s world. The examples and case studies included in this book are drawn from current events, which makes it easy to relate to and understand how ethics applies to everyday business situations.

The writing style is clear and concise, which makes it simple for readers who don’t have any prior knowledge of ethical theories or principles. The author does an excellent job of breaking down complex ethical concepts into simple language that everybody can comprehend.

While there are several aspects of this book I enjoyed, one thing I found a bit lacking was its depth. While it serves as an excellent introductory guide on business ethics, those looking for more advanced reading material may find themselves looking elsewhere.

In conclusion, Business Ethics Now provides an insightful introduction into what can be an incredibly complex subject matter. Whether you’re new to the topic or seeking a refresher course on business ethics, this book will prove useful in helping you navigate through tricky ethical dilemmas while keeping your moral compass intact. It’s definitely worth adding to any business person’s reading list!

Business Ethics Now

What Should I Do? is the cornerstone question for a multitude of ethical considerations – and the basis for this text. How we function when ethical challenges arrive in our “real” lives is the framework for Andrew Ghillyer’s Business Ethics Now This application-based text takes the theory of business ethics and applies it to the realistic scenarios that students may encounter at all stages of their careers

publishedDate : 2020-05-28

authors : Andrew Ghillyer

publishers : McGraw-Hill Education

pageCount : 225

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