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Read Radical Business Ethics Book.

Book Review: Radical Business Ethics by Richard L. Lippke

Radical Business Ethics

Arguing against most scholars of business ethics who have articulated a set of moral principles and applied them to problems faced by business people, Richard Lippke steers away from offering moral directives. In Radical Business Ethics, he develops a more comprehensive perspective on business issues that is tied to larger questions of social justice. Analyzing a select group of timely issues such as advertising, employee privacy, and insider trading in the context of debates about the nature of the just society, Lippke argues that the most plausible theory of justice is one whose implications are highly critical of many features of advanced capitalist societies. Radical Business Ethics will be an eye-opening book for students and scholars of ethics, and anyone interested in the role business plays in a just society.

publishedDate : 1995

authors : Richard L. Lippke

publishers : Rowman & Littlefield

pageCount : 203

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